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Crafted by Nature

After more than 50 years of activity in the world of synthetic leather, Coronet is now an international group with a modern, green and increasingly digital soul, capable of working alongside the great fashion maisons towards a sustainable and cruelty-free future. Founded by Enrico De Marco in 1967, the company has a track record of successes and achievements both inside and outside Italy: the constant research and vision of the young president, Umberto De Marco, have made it one of the most innovative companies in the polyurethane coating sector, a trusted partner of the big names in fashion and the cradle of ever new and ambitious projects.

  • Coronet Milano


    Foundation of Coronet S.p.A. in Milan

  • 1976

    Opening of a plant in Velletri

  • 1978

    Foundation of RITMO S.R.L.

  • 1987

    Opening of a plant in Cisterna di Latina

  • 1992

    Foundation of PA.RI.PACK S.R.L.

  • 2006

    Opening of a plant in China

  • 2014

    Opening of a plant in Vietnam

  • 2022

    Acquisition of Synt3 s.r.l.

    Leader in the production of materials in PU

    From Milan to Vietnam,
    a multiform structure

    The soul of Coronet is in Milan, but its field of action extends well beyond Italy. The Milan plant is the beating heart of the company, the place where ideas are born, decisions are made and the activities of the plants in Italy, China and Vietnam are organized.

    The great interest in the international market has led the company to focus on the Asian world, without forgetting the sustainability goals that are the flagship of the Italian plants. In Italy as well as abroad, Coronet is committed to producing cruelty-free materials in a sustainable way, through green energy plants, solvent recovery systems and conscious water management.

    Think smart,
    produce green

    Obtaining the best from the encounter between man and nature has always been Coronet’s main objective. For a company that can boast of having four production plants in the world, protecting people and investing in human capital becomes an aspect that cannot be neglected even from a strategic point of view. This translates first of all into the activation of a company policy that puts man and his health at the center, and then into the constant commitment to reduce harmful emissions and the waste of resources.

    Coronet is equipped with four photovoltaic systems, which produce approximately 1,388,781 kWh of green energy annually. The energy contribution of these plants, each year, allows to reduce Co2 emissions by 1,023,990.00 kg and safeguard 170 hectares of vegetation.

    The production processes are constantly monitored to ensure the customer a non-toxic product, in line with the recent European legislation Reach (EC No 1907/2006), thanks to the use of advanced machinery and equipment, always in step with technological evolution.

    Think smart,
    produce green

    Coronet spa

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    Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 40, 20094 Corsico MI

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