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Yatay Line

The latest frontier in sustainability born from the co-action platform between Coronet and Golden Goose on green innovation.


Our spearhead is eco-sustainability. This is why we have created BioVeg, an eco-friendly product line, made with recycled polyester from plastic bottles and bio polyols, obtained from non-food and GMO-free corn crops. These green-core materials are BIOVEG certified: these have the highest percentage of biomass available on the market – up to 81% – and can be ennobled with any finish and grain.

BioVeg materials boast LCA certification (Life cycle assessment) which determines the environmental impact connected to the individual production steps of the articles. The BioVeg collection can be used in different fields: from footwear to leather goods, from clothing to automotive, from labels to coatings. Brands are increasingly choosing eco-sustainable materials to reduce their environmental impact and attract conscious consumers. Coronet has always been by their side in this adventure.

Maison Line

The Maison line is the result of the daily work of the style department. Our designers study the latest trends and create two collections each year (Spring/Summer – Autumn/Winter). The Coronet team completes the collection during the rest of the year to maintain the catalogue constantly up to date

Innovaction Line

The innovaction line associates Coronet’s technical professionalism with its ability to create new fashionable products with unique performances. We have developed synthetic transpiring and water resistant leathers and we keep moving our objectives forward thanks to stimulating partnerships. Our Innovaction family products have been bestowed with international quality certifications

H2O Line

H2O is a line of materials designed for the production of footwear and clothing with an extra gear. The production process does not use any type of chemical solvent, but only innovative water-based resins and microfibers. These are materials with low environmental impact, appreciated by designers all over the world thanks to the multiplicity of finishes and possible applications. They are breathable, soft to the touch, durable, waterproof and easy to clean.

Also in clothing, the materials of the H20 line combine the softness and durability of nappa with the flexibility of stretch microfiber. The result is remarkable: unique items that can be comfortably worn all day. This type of materials has become a must in the fashion industry, both for the creation of the entire garment, and for inserts and applications.

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