Freska e Bioveg – Coronet’s eco-sustainable proposals

Coronet’s eco-sustainable proposals: vegan certificates and made with plant-based materials

The Coronet proposal includes two eco-sustainable alternatives: Freska and Bioveg. Freska is a certified vegan lining, made with materials of vegetable origin (corn and cereals); has minimal residual solvent levels and meets PETA standards. All this, without neglecting comfort: the high degree of breathability and absorbency ensures a fresh foot in any situation. Also Bioveg, a line of low-impact products, characterized by the fact that the support is obtained from recycled raw materials in addition to those of vegetable origin. In addition, during the coating phase, the energy used comes from renewable sources.

Freska and Bioveg: two eco-sustainable alternatives
Bioveg Material for modern age
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