PID #InnovationFaces: the Coronet story

#InnovationFaces: the format in a chat with entrepreneurs who have decided to innovate, seizing the opportunities of Industry 4.0., Also supported by the Digital Enterprise Point (PID) of our Milan Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce.

Hi Gualtiero, tell us! What does your company do and what is the innovation that distinguishes it?

Coronet is a company that has 50 years of history and deals with the manufacture of synthetic leathers for applications in the clothing, footwear and car interiors sectors. We focus on eco-compatibility by developing innovative products with low or no environmental impact. The technology we have invested in is horizontal and vertical integration.

What if you had to explain vertical and horizontal integration to your grandmother?

It allows you to automatically mix the ingredients of our recipe to make our synthetic leather. A bit like a big mixer!

What does innovation mean for you?

Eco-compatibility, because Coronet has a vocation for everything that is green and for the creation of recyclable and environmentally friendly products.

How did you find out about our Digital Enterprise Point?

Through the Camera News Newsletter which I receive every 15 days.

What PID services did you use for your business project?

It all started with the Selfie 4.0 digital maturity self-assessment questionnaire, after which we were contacted by a Digital Promoter who came to our office to learn more about guided evaluation with Zoom 4.0. We have obtained funding to innovate our business projects.

Before and after: how has your way of doing business changed?

The approach to digital technologies has changed; we learned to use them in our processes and evaluated how much they have improved.

What are, in your opinion, the necessary skills for a young person who wants to work in this sector?

Scientific skills are needed, mainly in the chemical field, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Italy is an excellent starting point since its strength is being the cradle of creativity.

And what advice would you give to a young person who wants to open a startup?

Fully believe in your idea, but put it to the test through a detailed business plan that verifies its sustainability and feasibility.

How does Coronet see himself in 10 years?

An Italian company leader in its sector on a global level, which alongside its historical sales force based on product quality / innovation and customer service, efficient processes that increasingly leverage digital technologies.

PID is…

Innovation promoter.

Advice for future initiatives?

Propose successful examples of other SMEs with similar characteristics to make people understand and touch what the use of innovative technologies can bring to the business.
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