Tecnica Calzaturiera – Translating fashion into technical

Over the years Coronet has gained a prominent position worldwide in the polyurethane coating sector. With the Bioveg line, the company is able to perfectly combine technical performance and aesthetic appearance in eco-sustainable products

Founded in the second half of the 1960s in Corsico (MI) from an intuition of the founder Enrico De Marco, initially for the production of synthetic materials for shoe linings and then also for uppers, Coronet Spa has undergone several transformations over the years, but continuing to work for the footwear industry, still its main reference market. Today the company is an example of how an Italian SME (still owned by the De Marco family) has been able to interpret the evolution of the market, modifying its industrial structure over the years to become a small multinational and expanding the range of products to address to different markets. This has allowed it to qualify as a world reference company in the polyurethane coating sector. In the course of the production units in Asia: the first opened in 2006 in China, in Huizhou, the second since 2015 in southern Vietnam, in Ben Tre. From the nineties, leather goods, book binding and finally clothing in 2007 joined the world of footwear.

A production divided into four divisions

In the last decade, with the entry into the company of the new generation in the person of Dr. Umberto De Marco, who took the baton from his father, and of the CEO Jarno Paolo Tagliarini, the strategy and organization of the business set by Coronet for approaching the Italian and European markets have registered a clear change. “We turned to the market – underlines Tagliarini – with the aim of offering no longer commodities, but exclusively specialties: proposals that are increasingly sought after in terms of look and technical content, increasingly targeted at each specific customer / market”. Production at all sites was then reorganized, creating specific divisions according to the reference markets. “In the Maison line, which is the one we were born from – explains Tagliarini – the look is undoubtedly prevailing. For this line of fashion products, inspired by fashion trends, we present two collections a year. A second line, Innovaction, is dedicated to the performance-sports sector and made up of materials rich in contents in terms of technical-physical performance. Go Stop (Go Air, Stop Water), a third line that takes its name from the initial development of fashion items with characteristics of breathability and water repellency, is dedicated to clothing. A fourth, Corona, is full of thermo-darkening proposals for the world of paper converting and labeling “.

Customized technical solutions for the customer

In the world of sports footwear, the Innovaction collection is varied. «Our proposal – explains Tagliarini – includes articles with different characteristics from the point of view of the technical-physical performance coefficients, resistance to traction, bending, tearing, with products that guarantee a long life. For this line we have focused on the upper, because it is that part of the shoe in which the greatest added value can be integrated, especially in a performance area. We have developed our own technologies to obtain materials with very high water repellency, which at the same time maintain excellent breathability. One of the aspects most appreciated by the market is the ability to translate our fashion vein into the technical field. The Innovaction collection is renewed once a year and mainly serves as a proposal: the 360 ​​° service we offer includes the customization of the product for performance and look, thanks to our constant presence with the customer “. Coronet is equipped with various internal laboratories. “In Italy we have an R&D laboratory, the beating heart of Coronet – explains the CEO – which brings together the needs of customers, the stimuli from our sales staff and management, and the technical know-how to translate them into products suitable for introduce yourself. We then have two laboratories where the quality control of all the prototyping carried out in R&D and of all the productions is carried out, to guarantee the quality of the products ».

A tracked and controlled chemical safety

For the control of the chemical safety of its products, Coronet relies on recognized international laboratories. “However, it must be said – our interlocutor would like to point out – that Coronet has developed over the years a procedure for managing the topic that allows it to have complete traceability of all the substances that come into play in production. This allows us to carry out a pre-analysis screening and to limit the testing phase in third party laboratories to only those substances for which we may have reasonable doubts of non-compliance. At the same time, everything we are going to analyze is recorded and filed in a library, an integral part of this procedure; this allows us to respond in time to the needs of the customer, who increasingly arrives with a customized specification. Today, in fact, compliance with the REACH legislation is no longer sufficient, especially for those who like us work with the most important European and American brands, who demand compliance with their own specifications ».

More and more performing and sustainable products

Coronet has long invested in environmental sustainability, equipping itself with a photovoltaic system that allows it to work with self-produced energy, and renewed the abatement and suction systems in compliance with all environmental regulations, to get to the recovery of 99% of the solvent and process water. Furthermore, since 2013 it has begun to offer sustainable articles on the market, with the first family of solvent free products including Ecologika, the first solvent free breathable lining. «The launch on the market of this first family – specifies Tagliarini – was followed by the development of the Veg line, a technical product composed of bio-polyols. The latest addition is BioVeg, sustainable technical fabrics made entirely with polyurethanes from vegetable sources, with a content of up to 80% of biomass combined with textile supports of natural origin or, alternatively, recycled polyester “. Today Coronet is presenting about thirty items in the BioVeg collection for the fashion line, oriented to the footwear and leather goods markets: linings for both sectors, upper materials, elasticized materials for leggings. “We are implementing the same BioVeg line – says the CEO – also in the Innovaction world, with the first customized solutions for some customers, to soon arrive at a real collection of environmentally friendly technical items”.

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