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YATAY M: Mycelium-Based Fashion Revolution

At Coronet we have always thought that if you want to move away from leather or standard PU alternatives, you really have to look at what you you are replacing it with.

Our YATAY range of innovative products is the perfect compromise to satisfy all needs. This “family of articles” is now thrilled to present to the whole fashion world its mycelium-based materials that fall under the name of: YATAY M.

The story is not really mushrooms at all, it is mycelium.

Mycelium is the underground network of thread-like branches growing beneath mushrooms, connecting every living plant and tree, facilitating the exchange of nutrients and even sequestering carbon by up to 30%.

Our mycelium is a species that has evolved to thrive on sugary molasses. Their decomposition generates citric acid as the main product and mycelium as a by-product.

This new wave of sustainable materials, unlike those that came first, have the following trademarks:

  • are sold in rolls (large scale production)
  • possess the same excellent chemical and physical properties of the well- established YATAY B line
  • only use FSC or GRS certified materials
  • have an acceptable or even pleasant odour

The usage of mycelium is a fantastic advancement in material science and potential game-changer for the fashion industry. Building accessories from mycelium could be one of the most revolutionary inventions in recent years and in Coronet this true vocation takes a concrete form everyday in the development of more efficient processes, waste reduction and in the choice of materials that embrace the same ideas.

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