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Golden Goose and Coronet united for Earth Day

The partnership between Coronet Group and Golden Goose has been consolidated for some time now, and together we have signed a progressive sustainability plan that follows the important goal of becoming pioneers in the eco-friendly fashion system. The milestones of this journey began with the opening of the new Yatay Lab, which took place on April 22nd, coinciding with Earth Day, a date with great symbolic value for those of us who care about the future of the environment.

Yatay Lab is an innovation center that we have chosen to build in Erba, where the core activities of Coronet are located. It is a true reference point for sustainability and an inspiring place for designers and entrepreneurs who, like us, want to invest their energy in environmental protection. Here, all sustainability supporters can find the technical expertise necessary to transform their business ideas into concrete and achievable solutions, making a difference in the fashion world.

About a year has passed since the first success of the partnership, namely Yatay B, a bio-based material derived from plant sources, which led to the creation of the YATAY Model 1B, the brand’s first bio-based sneaker. But the projects in the pipeline with Golden Goose are evolving further, thanks to the combination of craftsmanship, sustainable innovation, and vision.

Together with them, we will continue to demonstrate the transparency of our commitment by publishing the Sustainability Report, as usual, to concretely attest to how the fashion industry can be improved through a sustainable approach and contribute to global growth.”

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