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What can you do with cruelty-free materials?

Synthetic leather is a product with excellent performance and very high quality standards. Most of the companies involved in cruelty-free materials use innovative processing techniques, which not only reduce the environmental impact of the process, but also give the finished product important characteristics in terms of durability and comfort.

Sustainable fashion since 1968

For Coronet, moving into the production of environmentally friendly materials for the fashion world has been a springboard for experimenting with new techniques and technologies, resulting in innovative products such as the breathable and antibacterial Delikatesse lining, the Cantadora series of materials designed to produce uppers and bags, or the Premiere stretch fabrics.
After working with world-famous brands and designers, we decided to start an internal division dedicated to the clothing industry. It was a big challenge, but – right from the start – the new division was able to deliver results in line with company standards.


Bio leather for shoes is the most cruelty-free material in the industry, as the demand for vegan leather increases every year. One of Coronet’s best-loved products is the DELIKATESSE breathable lining, which is so high-performance and innovative that it has become synonymous with quality worldwide. Not to be outdone are our upper materials, CANTADORA and PREMIERE, available in a wide range of colours and finishes, constantly updated by our R&D Lab.


Our products are designed for clothing parades on catwalks all over the world and are sought after by the most influential Italian and foreign designers. Coronet uses only selected textile fibres to create a range of versatile products that meet the tastes and needs of historic fashion houses and emerging brands, with whom we develop innovative materials and customised colours. We also deal with the production of PU and microfibre coatings for personalised labels, printed with hot foil or laser technology.

Leather goods

Demand for cruelty-free bags is soaring as public awareness of ethical and environmental issues increases. Coronet’s eco-sustainable and cruelty-free materials are chosen by leading Italian and international leather goods brands as the best vegan alternative to real leather. From materials with a metallic effect to reptile and crocodile print, from vinyl to classic grains to transparent TPUs and 100% customisable materials, our articles are designed to guarantee tailor-made solutions for every customer.

In addition to materials designed for upholstery, we also deal with technical products for leather goods. The linings, for example, are an indispensable product: the soft ones are used to cover the inside, while the rigid ones give shape and body to the product. They are available in different thicknesses (0.4mm-2mm) and finishes, from classic leather effect to suede effect microfibres. Depending on the type of finish, these products can be used for the production of bags, beauty cases, wallets and belts.


The CORONA range of products has made a name for itself in the bookbinding sector, thanks to the wide variety of grains, prints, colours and finishes that guarantee technical and stylistic solutions for everyone, from the most classic manufacturer to the most imaginative.

Furniture and automotive

Our materials are also used for upholstering furniture and furnishings and for all kinds of craft projects. We also produce cruelty-free fabrics for cars, which are used to cover doors, steering wheels, seats and gearstick boots in the automotive sector. They are simple to clean, durable and easy to use, features that continue to make them the best option for many manufacturers.


The whole range of DELIKATESSE and some other special microfibres are used to cover insoles in the orthopaedic industry. Perforated or compact, these materials are non-toxic and approved by the major manufacturers of orthopaedic insoles.

Technical and safety footwear

Lightweight, durable, breathable and water-repellent, the products dedicated to this sector are available in different thicknesses and finishes, combining creativity and performance. These materials are suitable for a wide range of uses: from high mountain sports to road sports such as cycling and motorcycling, through to running and football. The variety of textures, both classic and fashionable, and colour variations contribute to the success of this range of digitally printable and high frequency (HF) materials.

Our autoclavable, easy-to-clean, antibacterial and antistatic footwear materials meet even the most stringent safety requirements. The anti-injury line is made only of materials built to last, guaranteeing high physical and mechanical performance. Available with S1 and S2 certification.

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